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While this may be off-topic, OH MY GOD Kyle.


KYLE! Kyle in his uber woobie-cuteness and this new way-too-awesome-way-too-good-to-be-true development, especially in relation to Ephram (since we all know that Kyle = Ephram)

Actually, Kyle being gay can bring up all sorts of interesting things to explore in Ephram's character. Ephram obviously sees the parallel between himself and Kyle, and for him to be so twitchy about it makes me wonder if he's still struggling with some issues. Obviously, there's also the whole Madison-factor, but Ephram was still unusually twitchy about it.

I really enjoyed Ephram and Reed's discussion about sexuality - it was solid and it really does get the message across to the millions of teenagers watching the show. (And I'm sort of kind of cheating on my OTP of life, B/E, but lately, R/E's been having amazing interaction. We really need more Ephram/Bright interaction. Because Reed/Ephram interaction is cute and Ephram/Kyle interaction makes me squeal, but nothing will ever ever beat B/E.)

I hope this isn't going to be like the cheap is-he-or-is-he-not thing with Reed. We need a gay character on the show. But they really shouldn't have Kyle have a crush on Ephram because, uh, incest much? Ephram is pretty much Kyle's father figure, and while I am all in favor of siblingcest, father/son incest is kind of creepy, especially given that Ephram/Kyle is meant to parallel Andy/Ephram.

Hey, maybe the kid Rose and Harold adopts will be gay and they can spend next season being cute together and stuff. Probably not though. They'll probably have him fall for Amy or Hannah and Kyle'll pine for him for a while and then Hannah and Bright will break up and Hannah'll date the new kid, except eventually Bright and Hannah'll get back together, because as we all know, B/H is second only to E/A in Everwood canon.

So uh...any opinions on this new development in Everwood? Or am I just making a big deal out of a minor character?
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